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CANOLA COOKING OIL - Healthy For Your Heart

We are Credible Exporter and Supplier in Vegetable Cooking Oil Industry. We offer Premium Quality Refined Canola Cooking Oil to our Customers. The Oil that we provide is rich in various Essential Nutrients. Our Canola Cooking Oil is packaged under Premium Bottles, Pouches and Containers to ensure High Quality. We provide Canola Oil in different Quantities according to the requirement of Buyers. FARMIMEX Canola Cooking Oil is Manufactured and Packed under very Careful, Hygienic Control and Conditions. Our Refined Canola Cooking Oil is 100% Pure with 0% Cholesterol and the Quality is Evident in all Meals prepared in it. We Globally Explore the Finest Quality Canola Seeds to prepare Healthy Canola Cooking Oil that makes sure the Food will always have a Golden Crispy look and Savoring taste. Our Refined Canola Oil is widely known for its Durability and Quality. We are Exporting Refined Canola Cooking Oil in 20’FT Containers with Jerry can and Tin Can Packaging.

Facts of Canola Cooking Oil

Canola Oil has a High Smoke Point, which makes it more Ideal for Cooking at High temperatures. Canola Oil contains a Healthy amount of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Health Benefits of Canola Cooking Oil

Canola Oil is one of the best Oils for Heart Health. Made from Crushed Canola Seeds, it has Less Saturated Fat than any other Oil commonly used in the World.

Nutritional Values of Canola Cooking Oil

Canola Oil is High in Energy, 100g of Oil provides 884 Calories. However, its High ratio of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids to Saturated Fatty Acids makes it Healthy Oil.


Our Canola Cooking Oil is one of the Lowest Saturated Fat Oil available comparing with other common Vegetable Cooking Oil. It is also high in Monounsaturated Fat which is Beneficial for our Health.

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    Monounsaturated Fat

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    Cholesterol Free

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    Trans Fat Free

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    Low in Saturated Fat

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    Suitable for Cooking

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    High in Omega 3 & 6


Our Canola Cooking Oil is Exported around the world. Canola oil has other advantages, too. Its Light texture and Neutral flavor allow other Ingredients to Shine, such as in Salad Dressings, Dips and Marinades. Canola oil gives Baked Goods like Cakes and Breads a Soft, Moist Texture, and its High Smoke Point makes it ideal for Frying. Canola Oil is Suited to all kinds of Recipes and Cuisines.


Harvested – Produced – Packaged

Our Canola Cooking Oil will always give you the Tastiest Meal every time used and just in case you have never tried it, you are assured of an absolutely Mouth-Watering and Lip Smacking treats.



The Canola Oil is refined using water precipitation and organic acid to remove
gums and free fatty acids, filtering to remove color, and deodorizing using steam distillation.

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